Baby Safety Gates ”Keeping Your Child Safe Is Crucial”

As soon as your child is able to make their way around the home on their own then this is the time to purchasing items that will help to keep them safe.  One item that all new parents must consider purchasing in order to protect the new arrival are baby safety gates.  However, because of the wide array available it may leave you feeling confused as to which one is the right one to get.

In this article we provide some guidelines which will help you know what to look for when it comes to purchasing these kinds of gates for your home.  If you keep what is suggested below in mind then purchasing the one that will keep your child safe will become a lot easier.


1.  Firstly you need to decide whether to purchase the baby safety gates that are permanently or pressure mounted.  The main advantage to going for the gates that are permanently fixed in position is that they are a lot stronger.  This will then help to ensure that at your child gets older and stronger they won’t actually be able to force them out of position.

Plus when it comes to those gates that are in a fixed position they are fitted with mechanisms that should the central part (the gate) need to be removed it can.  So there is no need to undo the whole system.

2.  Next you need to make a decision on what sort of system comes with the gate to allow it to be opened if necessary.  Today there are two kinds of latch system that baby safety gates employ.  One of these is where it is fitted with dual latch so all you need is one hand to operate it. Whilst the other kinds of gates tend to include a pedal at the base of the gate which when pressed allows the gate to open automatically and is ideal when your hands are full.

3. If you want it is worth considering purchasing those baby safety gates that come with lights that turn on.  There are many now that will turn on because they sense movement near them so no need for you to press any  buttons in order to identify where the gate is as you take your child up to bed each night.

4.  Another thing that you should be looking for when it comes to buying the right kinds of baby safety gates for a home is the height.  Choose the kind that won’t impede a normal adults movement but will prevent the child as they get bigger and stronger form climbing over them.  Choose those gates which are don’t measure less than 3/4 of your child’s height when standing up.

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