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Water Recycling Through Greywater Treatment Systems

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greywater treatment systems

It is said that the next wars will not be fought over oil, but rather over a far more precious resource, water. Changing weather patterns have caused enormous droughts in some parts of the world, Australia is one example, but regional examples abound, for instance California has experienced water restrictions in the past, as have many other parts of the United States. This has lead many homes in drought prone areas to install greywater treatment systems.

One of the first casualties of water restrictions are gardens. As a first step authorities usually restrict watering to certain times and amounts. If the drought worsens watering gardens is usually banned outright. Greywater is water that has been used for bathing, washing dishes or doing laundry and can consist of up to 80% of the water used by a household. Water from some portable basement dehumidifiers are also classified as greywater. By installing greywater treatment systems households allow for greywater recycling. Once the greywater has been treated it can be used for gardening purposes, or for other tasks like washing the car. Recycled greywater is generally not suitable for human consumption. Dwindling levels of fresh water have also caused authorities in some parts of the world to investigate the use of greywater for large scale irrigation. Read more


Everything to know about baby swings

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You need a baby swing if your baby tends to get cranky if you are not rocking it back and forth yourself all the time it can’t fall asleep easily yet you just need some hands-free time knowing the baby is safe and happy. All this of course given that your child is a couple months old and isn’t constantly moving around or pushing itself up yet trying to explore the world.

Even though the maximum recommended weight of most swings might be up to 25 pounds or more, we recommend you stop using it between 15 and 20 pounds or as soon as your baby simply gets too active to enjoy the swing.

On My Cutie Baby, they will offer you best baby product reviews and guides, useful advice on what to look for in a baby swing and which baby swing is the right one for your child because that’s not always so easy given the huge choice of products available.

Batteries or plug-in

A swing doesn’t move if you don’t push it, obviously this is true for baby swings as well. If you don’t mind giving up one arm in order to keep your baby’s swing in motion, keep up the good work and stick to a regular swing.

Since the electric motor does make a little bit of noise, you should let your baby try a friend’s electric swing if possible. The sound can be either soothing or startling depending on your child and after all it has to be silent enough to not disturb you. Read more


Baby Safety Gates ”Keeping Your Child Safe Is Crucial”

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As soon as your child is able to make their way around the home on their own then this is the time to purchasing items that will help to keep them safe.  One item that all new parents must consider purchasing in order to protect the new arrival are baby safety gates.  However, because of the wide array available it may leave you feeling confused as to which one is the right one to get.

In this article we provide some guidelines which will help you know what to look for when it comes to purchasing these kinds of gates for your home.  If you keep what is suggested below in mind then purchasing the one that will keep your child safe will become a lot easier.

1.  Firstly you need to decide whether to purchase the baby safety gates that are permanently or pressure mounted.  The main advantage to going for the gates that are permanently fixed in position is that they are a lot stronger.  This will then help to ensure that at your child gets older and stronger they won’t actually be able to force them out of position.

Plus when it comes to those gates that are in a fixed position they are fitted with mechanisms that should the central part (the gate) need to be removed it can.  So there is no need to undo the whole system.

2.  Next you need to make a decision on what sort of system comes with the gate to allow it to be opened if necessary.  Today there are two kinds of latch system that baby safety gates employ.  One of these is where it is fitted with dual latch so all you need is one hand to operate it. Whilst the other kinds of gates tend to include a pedal at the base of the gate which when pressed allows the gate to open automatically and is ideal when your hands are full. Read more

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Bathroom makeovers on a budget – Cheap, inexpensive bathroom makeover ideas

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At times it can seem like the bathroom is the least loved room in the house, when in fact the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the entire home. If you want to spruce up the style and décor of your home it makes a lot of sense to start with a bathroom makeover. Creating a new look and feel in the bathroom can make your entire home look new, and the good news is that a bathroom makeover can be a wonderfully cost effective enhancement to your home.

There are as many ways to start a bathroom makeover as there are homeowners whose bathrooms can use a fresh new look. The bathroom makeover you choose will depend on a number of factors, including the style of your home, the size of the bathroom, and of course your bathroom makeover budget.

Give Your Walls New Life with Bathroom Wall Tile

Adding new wall tiles, or replacing the ones you currently have, is a great way to give your bathroom a whole new look. Simply changing the color of the walls is one of the easiest ways to create a bathroom makeover you can be proud of, so if your walls are looking old and tired consider replacing those worn out tiles with something new and fresh. When it comes time to replace those bathroom tiles it is a good idea to determine what colors will work best in your bathroom and your home.

If your home has an overall color scheme you may want to make your bathroom makeover fit in with the colors you have chosen. If there is no overriding color scheme you are free to experiment with many different tile colors, so let your imagination be your guide. Read more

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Why you should consider Anderson Replacement Windows and Doors

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Replacing Windows with Anderson Windows

Anderson Windows are the top notch windows for new homes, and also replacement windows for even the oldest windows.  One of the biggest advantages of using an Anderson replacement window for your home is the ability to save money on heating and cooling costs for your home.  Anderson Windows with their ability to help you save large amounts of energy also can count during tax season with the Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Tax Credit.  There is no way you can go wrong with the Energy Star Partner of the Year for 2011.Anderson Windows have showrooms all over the United States to view their wide variety of replacement windows.  Anderson Windows and Doors replacement solutions include insert windows, full frame windows and patio doors.  All of Anderson’s windows are double pained and complaint with Energy star energy standards.  Anderson windows are the top notch windows for the top notch energy efficient homes.Anderson Replacement Windows include Casement Windows, Awning Windows, Double Hung Windows, Picture and Transom Windows, Blow and Bay Windows, Gliding Windows, Specialty Windows.  Anderson replacement doors with windows in them include Gliding Patio Doors, Hinged Patio Doors with a single Panel as well as multiple panel versions, transoms, and sidelights or stationary panels.  With this wide selection of windows and doors there is an energy efficient Anderson Replacement Window or door for your home.Insert Windows Anderson Insert windows are windows with that rich classic design that you are used to in older style homes.  They are extremely easy to install and the design is inspired by vintage building architecture.  The windows are extremely affordable and easy to install.  They are installed directly into the existing opening created for your older window which allows you to keep your original design with the original frame and trim.  Anderson Replacement Insert Windows are the easiest windows to install and the least disruptive to your home. Read more