Everything to know about baby swings

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You need a baby swing if your baby tends to get cranky if you are not rocking it back and forth yourself all the time it can’t fall asleep easily yet you just need some hands-free time knowing the baby is safe and happy. All this of course given that your child is a couple months old and isn’t constantly moving around or pushing itself up yet trying to explore the world.

Even though the maximum recommended weight of most swings might be up to 25 pounds or more, we recommend you stop using it between 15 and 20 pounds or as soon as your baby simply gets too active to enjoy the swing.

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Batteries or plug-in

A swing doesn’t move if you don’t push it, obviously this is true for baby swings as well. If you don’t mind giving up one arm in order to keep your baby’s swing in motion, keep up the good work and stick to a regular swing.

Since the electric motor does make a little bit of noise, you should let your baby try a friend’s electric swing if possible. The sound can be either soothing or startling depending on your child and after all it has to be silent enough to not disturb you. Read more