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An Easy Guide to Create Invisible Shelves

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Are you tired of staring at the old fashioned shelves in your home? If you are then why not create invisible shelves to replace your boring shelves? Do not let the word “create” daunt you because you do not have to be an expert carpenter or handyman to create invisible shelves for your home. You just need to gather a few materials and some tools and you are all set to create invisible shelves.

Before you create invisible shelves, you must have an idea on what they look like. Invisible shelves are shelves that seem to be suspended in air. They make your books and collections look like they are floating on your walls.

The first step you must do when you create invisible shelves is to plan where you will put your shelves. If you plan to make several invisible shelves then it is best that you place them at different spots on the wall. To give your wall a more modern look, place the shelves at different heights. When you create invisible shelves avoid lining them up in one spot to make your wall look more exciting.

The next step is to select the books that you will use to create invisible shelves. You need one big hardbound book and since you will only use it as you create invisible shelves, just get an old book that you no longer use. You will also need five more books, smaller than the hardbound one you first selected. Read more