Smart Solutions for Computer File Recovery- Fix Damaged Files

We have a range of computer file recovery software solutions for Windows, Novell, Mac, and Linux Operating Systems. These file recovery tools can perhaps be the best file recovery software 2010 you can get!


File Recovery Software – Serving Numerous Users

From our wide variety of file recovery software products, you can choose the product best suiting your data recovery need. We have file recovery tools for different Operating Systems. This platform is a combined recovery umbrella for different file recovery aspects as follows:-


• Windows file recovery

• Novell file recovery

• Mac file recovery

• Linux file recovery


What Is Your Recovery Need?

Our file recovery tools (for Windows, Novell, Mac and Linux) will help you for almost every recovery need that you have. Some of the chief aspects for which our software products are used widely are as follows:-


• Recovery of deleted files

• Fix damaged files and recover data

• File recovery from damaged hard drive

• Fix damaged file system to get back lost data

• Fix deleted files from damaged/corrupted partitions

• Fix corrupted partition and restore files and folders

• Fix deleted partition and regain computer files and folders


Demo Versions – FREE Trials of Our File Recovery Tools

Demo Versions of our file recovery products can be downloaded online absolutely FREE. These are the trail versions which are made available so that you get better understanding of the products before purchasing them. You can see the fully functional product on your screen eyes without paying anything by just downloading the Demo Version of the product you need. You can check the features of these file recovery software and judge their efficiency by looking at the trial version. There is a constraint with Demo Versions – You cannot save the recovered items to your system using these Demo Versions as the file saving option is restricted. For saving the files, you need to buy the Full Licensed Version of the software.


Recover All Types of Data Files

Use our software for any type of file recovery – fix damaged files and recover data from the damaged or corrupted files. Our file recovery software can be used to recover almost all types of files like documents, video files, image files, music files, email files and other such file types.


Our File Recovery Tools are Very Easy-to-Use

Our products have easily comprehensible interfaces. You will get familiar with the software the minute you open it on your screen. Recovering data from corrupted/damaged files can also be done in a very trouble-free way as the steps of the process are very simple. The questions – “How to fix damaged files?” and “How to fix damaged partition data?” will not crop up in your mind while using any of our products.


Fast File Recovery

All our file recovery tools perform really fast recovery. The products employ fast algorithms for file recovery and make use of quick recovery techniques to facilitate rapid recovery of files. In no time you will get your data back!


Full Licensed Versions of Our File Recovery Tools

Licensed Versions are fully functional and fully equipped with all the features including the file saving option also unlike the Demo Versions. You can perform complete recovery and save the recovered items to your system using Full Licensed Versions of our file recovery software.

Supported OS

Software successfully runs on

98, ME, XP, 2000, 2003

Vista & Windows 7

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